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Our veterans have lived through some of the worst experiences. Even those who never saw combat have been affected by simply being a part of the military. Many veterans make the transition back to civilian life without many problems. Others, especially those who did participate in combat, have a harder time. They may have been affected physically, leaving them unable to work certain jobs or participate in hobbies. Others may wear their wounds on the inside and face depression and PTSD. Often, veterans are dealing with both.

Veterans Face Barriers to Receiving Quality Care

Unfortunately, only around half of all veterans who need care receive it. Some aren’t aware of the type of help they need, while others aren’t sure of what help is even available. Many, especially older veterans, are hesitant to make use of mental health services. They see themselves as strong military officers, so reaching out for therapy and other types of mental health isn’t something they’re comfortable doing.

Others may not have the resources needed to get the care they truly need. They may not have reliable transportation to doctor’s appointments or not live near a healthcare facility that can provide them with the treatment they need. They may live alone without any family nearby to call on for help.

Reliant Home Care Services understands these barriers and how they affect veterans’ lives. We provide a variety of services to help Veterans in Murrieta and Riverside County as a whole.

Reliant Home Care | Helping Veterans

What Reliant Home Care Services Can Do for the Veteran in Your Life

If your loved one is a veteran and is in need of help, we’re only a phone call away. Here are some of the services Reliant provides to veterans:

  • Provide transportation to and from appointments.
  • Assist with tasks associated with daily living, such as getting dressed, bathing, and preparing meals.
  • Handle light housekeeping.
  • Help getting up and down.
  • Evaluate the veteran’s home for risks, including tripping hazards, and suggest a plan of action to address these risks.
  • Offer respite care for caregivers, giving them time to focus on other tasks or rest.
  • Provide resources for further assistance.

Understanding the Care Veterans Need

Providing home care for veterans is similar to providing home care for seniors and other individuals, but there are some key differences. Veterans often struggle with PTSD, which brings with it a number of unique challenges. Loud noises, unexpected sounds, and other surprises can trigger a veteran’s PTSD. Our team of care providers understands common PTSD triggers and how to avoid them. We will also take note of any individual triggers your loved one may have so we can avoid causing any unnecessary stress. Their comfort is our top priority.

Understanding Veteran Care Needs
Home Care for Veterans

Is it Time for Home Care?

It’s not always easy to know when it’s time to reach out for help. With veterans, it can be even more difficult because they may not want help. Convincing them that a home care provider is the right answer can be a challenge.

That’s why we want your loved one to be involved in their care plan. We want them to know that we’re not there to boss them around or take over their home. Instead, we want to help them continue to live independently for as long as possible while giving you and your families the rest they need to be effective caregivers.

Over time, your loved one may need more and more care. Someone may need to help them bathe, dress, prepare meals, remind them to take medication, and more. What started as visiting a few times a week may become a daily necessity. It can quickly overwhelm you, especially if you have a career and a family. When you’re overwhelmed, you can’t provide the best care possible to your loved one, your family, or even yourself. That’s when it’s time to seek help.

To learn more about what Reliant Home Care offers for veterans, reach out today.

How We Work at Reliant Care Vert

How We Work

Getting help shouldn’t be difficult, nor should it be a long, drawn-out process. When you reach out to work with Reliant, we want to make the process easy, but we also want to be certain we’re providing the right type of care. All of our care programs are customized for each patient, so every individual receives a personalized care program.

To do that, we first begin with an assessment. We will answer any questions you may have and then schedule an in-person meeting at your loved one’s place of residence. At this meeting, we will answer any additional questions and walk everyone through the process, making certain your loved one is heard and is completely comfortable with all decisions.

During this visit, we will also do a home safety assessment. We will walk your home looking for things such as loose rugs, steps, and other areas that could be safety hazards. We have plans for addressing these common risks, and often, they can be mitigated with a few simple changes or additions to your home such as handrails or rug tape.

Next, you meet with the care coordinator. Here, you will build a detailed plan of care. This plan includes how often a caregiver comes to help your loved one, what the caregivers will do, and other information. The care coordinator will provide a very thorough explanation of every step of the plan. We want to let your loved one know that they and their home will be respected and treated with the utmost care and respect.

This is an extra meeting that some providers skip by rolling it into the home assessment, but we believe it’s important that you work with a professional expert throughout the entire process. It’s also important that you and your loved one have some time to absorb information and think about your needs. We don’t want to rush anything or put any extra pressure on you, so it helps to split these tasks up.

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While the above information can be helpful, we know that caregiving is very often a personal experience. You likely have a lot of questions that aren’t covered here or aren’t certain what type of care your loved one needs. To get a better idea of how Reliant can help you, please reach out to us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have or direct you toward resources that can help your specific needs.


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Whether you need a little bit of respite care or someone to be with your loved one every day, Reliant Home Care Services is here for you. We understand what it means to be caregivers—many of us have had to take on this role in our personal lives. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible when you have the right resources and help in your corner. We will walk you through every step, answer all of your questions, and create a custom program of care for your loved one, allowing them to live independently while remaining safe and sound.

If you’re in need of in-home care services, there’s no reason to delay learning more. Even if you don’t feel like you’re currently in need, it never hurts to learn what options are available. Contact Reliant Home Care Services today at

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