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Helping Caregivers | Reliant Home Care Services

How we help you

Being a caregiver can feel like an overwhelming task. Whether you’ve had to take on the role for an elderly loved one or have served as a caregiver for a young child with special needs since birth, it can be exhausting. You may feel like you never know what’s going to happen next, what you can do about it, or what resources are out there. It feels like you’re always trying to catch up.

You may have started thinking that being a caregiver is an impossible task full of challenges that you’ll never be able to overcome. Reliant Home Care Services is here to let you know that it’s not.

More importantly, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone.

Care for All

Some in-home care services only focus on seniors or others who fit into specific categories. We believe that everyone who needs it deserves care. This includes children, adults who are struggling with injuries or chronic illnesses, and veterans who have sacrificed much for our country. Reliant Home Care Services is here for everyone, whether they need daily care or only a few hours a week.

We offer the following services:

Care For All | Reliant Home Care Services

Senior Home Care Services

Seniors often need assistance with daily tasks, taking medication, and performing other activities. Our senior care services allow them to continue living independently while also receiving the help they need.

Veteran Care

Veterans have given so much for our country, but they are often under served in the areas of physical and mental health. Reliant works closely with veterans, providing them with the home care they need while paying close attention to the unique challenges they face.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Loved ones who are struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s face special needs. Our care team uses our understanding of these diseases to help loved ones live their lives with dignity while giving their caregivers time to rest and recharge.

Respite Care

Being a caregiver is a major commitment of time and energy. Those who take on this job often find themselves feeling exhausted while struggling to keep up with work, their own families, and even their own health. Our respite care gives them the break they need to take care of themselves.

Staffing Solutions

Reliant connects healthcare facilities in need of temporary help with experts from our large network of LVNs, registered nurses, and other professionals. If you’re an independent caregiver looking for contracts, we can help you find work by matching you with one of our healthcare providers.

Family Care

Reliant also works with those born with special needs or who are dealing with health conditions that have led them to need assistance on a daily basis. We will work closely with the individual and their families to develop custom care plans that meet everyone’s needs.

Care with Dignity

Home care can range from keeping someone company for a few hours a few times a week to assisting them with daily tasks every day. Many people, especially older adults who have lived independently for decades, can be hesitant to accept such care. They may have heard about others being treated poorly by those providing in-home senior care services. They don’t want to leave their homes or be pushed into assisted living before they’re ready, but they also want to be treated right.

Our team treats every patient with the dignity they deserve, no matter how old they are or what care they need. We will help them retain as much independence as possible in their own homes. This means communicating regularly with them and making sure they understand what we’re doing. No one should ever feel uncomfortable in their own home or with anyone who is providing them care. We pledge to do our best to ensure that never happens.

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We Will Help You Find Resources

Many people who need to partner with a home health service believe they can’t because of the costs. Here at Reliant, the last thing we want you to do is make a decision based on finances. Your loved one’s health is too important for that. Your health, including your mental health, is too important. There are health and home care resources, including financial resources, out there for everyone from children to seniors, and we will assist you in finding the right ones for you and your family.

We know many people are unfamiliar with what being a caregiver entails. We can walk you through the process, including providing you with resources about diseases and injuries. We will help you determine what changes you may need to make to your loved one’s home so they remain safe, as well as how often they need a caregiver. Often, with a few changes and a little help, it’s possible for seniors to remain safe and happy in their own homes for years. Younger individuals who need care can enjoy life to the fullest with just a little help. That’s what Reliant is here for—to make life better by bringing light into what seems like your darkest days.

Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you provide?

We provide care for your loved one in the comfort of their home.

What types of things can you help my loved one with?

We can help with various things such as bathing and helping with dressing. We also can make homecooked meals and run errands. We personalize your plan of care with what your loved one needs to feel safe and comfortable.

What cities do you cover?

We cover a very broad area. We cover the County of Riverside. If you live outside the county feel free to give us a call and we can help recommend an agency that can help you.

Are you Licensed?

Yes, we are licensed. Since 2016, all home care companies in the State of California are required to be licensed thru the Department of Social Services. All our employees are licensed under the registry, the Department of Social Services. We are the only home care agency in the County of Riverside that has an A+ rating from the home care standards bureau.

Reliant Home Care Services

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Whether you need a little bit of respite care or someone to be with your loved one every day, Reliant Home Care Services is here for you. We understand what it means to be caregivers—many of us have had to take on this role in our personal lives. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible when you have the right resources and help in your corner. We will walk you through every step, answer all of your questions, and create a custom program of care for your loved one, allowing them to live independently while remaining safe and sound.

If you’re in need of in-home care services, there’s no reason to delay learning more. Even if you don’t feel like you’re currently in need, it never hurts to learn what options are available. Contact Reliant Home Care Services today at

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